Sawasdee-ka! Welcome to my website, focused on business with Thailand.

The company Saowanee is owned by Saowanee ter Beek-Pongpueng. Founded in April 2015, the company aims to build bridges between European markets on one side and Thailand on the other. In other words, Saowanee helps European companies finding their way in the Thai market. In addition, I will also help Thai companies find their way in the Netherlands or in Europe.

Specialisms related to Thailand

Saowanee is specialised in:

  • Offering my network and knowledge of Thai business and industry. This way I can help establishing or maintaining new contacts.
  • Assisting European companies with their communication to help them gain easier access in Thailand. That way companies can be approached in their own language and with respect for their own culture.
  • Organising events, exhibitions or excursions for European companies in Thailand.

Of course Saowanee is also happy to assist Thai companies finding their way in European markets.

s-squareThe logo: a Thai letter

What does the symbol in the company logo mean? This is one of the letters ‘S’ in the Thai alphabet. In Thai, we call this letter ‘saw sea’. The ‘s’ is used as first letter in the Thai word for ‘tiger’. Not coincidentally, it is also the first letter of the name ‘Saowanee’ in Thai!